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Welcome Code Breakers!

This is your portal to monthly challenges and missions. All-new missions will be posted here for members to access. Membership costs just $14.99/month. Cancel any time.

Aailable missions

Scavenger Mystery Hunt

It all starts here...

The Pandemic Challenge - Hard (1-2 hours)

The year is 2020. A pandemic has broken out and spread through your community and the entire planet. It is very contagious and life as you know it has come to a stand still. Amongst the chaos as you are quarantined in your home, you receive a strange message in your inbox from a blocked phone number. When you play the message you can hear a very odd tone. As you listen for a moment you can hear voices in the background. You realize these voices are a clue to a hidden message. What could they be? Or where could it lead?

The Hidden Message (Coming Soon)

Not everything is what it seems. A hidden message is thought to exist in the Declaration of Independence though experts say this is just a myth. You have discovered a cryptic that might unravel the mystery! Can you figure out the hidden message?

Begin Mission

New missions coming soon... All members will receive an email notification off all new missions and challenges.

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