Boulder Escape Room © 2019 by Mystery Box Ltd. 


1966 13th Street #LL60 Boulder, Colorado 80302

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Solve puzzles, find clues, and explore the Pearl Street underwold like never before.

Available Games

The Psycho Killer

1 hour - 8 person max capacity

Success rate: 30%

Great for all ages!

No actors, no jump scares.

The Psycho Killer - You have been trapped by the Psycho Killer! This particular psycho is a fiend for puzzles. He has meticulously set up a game of logic that challenges your mental stamina and your ability to work with others. Now you must solve riddles, find clues, and outsmart the psycho killer before time runs out...

The Abduction

1 hour - 8 person max capacity

Success rate: 35%

Great for all ages!

No actors, no jump scares.

The Abduction - Strange lights have been circling over your house. You pass it off as air planes and satellites but you know something isn't quite right. Your night is interrupted by strange visions and lucid dreams. When you awake you are no longer at your home. You are in a locked room at a strange facility. There is no apparent way to escape!


1 hour - 6 person max capacity

Success rate: 20%

Great for all ages!

No actors, no jump scares.

Captive - You have been kidnapped and held by someone who wants one thing, your identity.  The past prisoners have left clues to assist with your escape.  You must work together to escape while the guard takes his daily nap.


Live the adventure! Escape rooms put you in the game. You have one hour to use your wit to find clues, solve riddles, and decipher hidden messages to escape "The Psycho Killer," or try your luck in Area 51 while you attempt to escape "The Abduction." Our newest game "Captive" starts you off chained to the wall (w/safety release) only to escape by following the clues from the past prisoners. Work together with your team to survive Boulder Escape Room.


$28 per person.

For corporate or private events please email us for more information at