April 29, 2019

Some enthusiasts have been asking, "When will you redo Escape from the Psycho Killer?"  The answer:  JUNE!   You have just a couple more weeks to complete the current version before the new one is unveiled.  

We don't want to say too much as we love surpr...

March 3, 2019

Our newest room, Captive, opened on Valentine's Day and last night we had the first group to escape without clues!  This room seems to be the most difficult.  Bring up to 6 people and try it out for yourselves!  We do have a parental advisory on this room due to mature...

March 18, 2018

Have you ever wanted to see what is happening in the Homestead Building off 13th and Pearl?  

Now's your chance to find out!  We've got our brand new Escape from the Psycho Killer and The Abduction in LL60.  Walk in and head down the stairs, you'll see us on the left....

March 27, 2017

1.  We're not techy. 

We know what you're thinking, this world is full of technology so escape rooms should be as well.  We disagree.  Escape rooms are your chance to move out of the everyday hustle and bustle.  We bring you back to the basics.  You will use your b...

March 18, 2017

It's here!  You've been waiting so patiently and now it's here!  If you visited Escape from the Psycho Killer before March 9, 2017 you have not tried 2.0.  Come on down and give it a shot!

March 1, 2017

You all know about the tunnels at DIA, but do you know why they are there?  Airport personnel will surely tell you they're just for moving baggage, but do bags really need to travel that great of a distance?  Some conspiracy theorists believe the tunnels house a secret...

February 18, 2017

We welcome you and your kids!  Tweens love our escape rooms.  Yes, our themes are a little dark, but our games are non-violent, non-threatening, and fun.  We have some plastic skull and bone props, and some friendly, life-like aliens.  Either room is appropriate for tw...

January 1, 2017

Sorry to disappoint, but 2017 brings no more live actors.  Enjoy solving the room without the chance of a heart attack, or soiling yourself!  

Remember to visit us at our new downtown location, 2 floors above The Walrus Saloon.

December 20, 2016

We have been looking into a new location for some time and are excited to announce that we will be opening downtown this week!  We've been dreaming of a downtown location for quite some time and we have locked in 1911 11th St, just above the famous Walrus Saloon!...

October 22, 2016

Tired of the busy haunted houses but still want the thrill of a scare?  Ask for the live actor before the host takes you back to start your escape game!  

What do you get with the live actor?  

 - Scares!

 - You will not be touched, or otherwise impeded.

 - You may be...

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