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DIA Tunnels

You all know about the tunnels at DIA, but do you know why they are there? Airport personnel will surely tell you they're just for moving baggage, but do bags really need to travel that great of a distance? Some conspiracy theorists believe the tunnels house a secret government base while others believe they house the feared lizard people, we have a slightly different theory based on the history of tunnels in downtown Denver.

It is no secret that Denver has a network of underground tunnels, the most famous may be at the Capitol itself. Historians can actually answer the questions about the tunnels in the business district;

they were intended for the elite to move from restaurant to brothel without being seen.

You may be asking yourself what that has to do with the airport. What if the tunnels under DIA are simply a refuge for the countless rich and famous people who inevitably pass through?

We know, it's a boring theory, but we're just throwing it out there!

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