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Birthday Parties at Boulder Escape Room

Tired of the same old party at the bowling alley, movie theater, game center, or park? Try Boulder Escape Room by Mystery Box Ltd! We will not be the best place for cake and ice cream, but we offer hands on fun like you have never seen! The children, or adults, will be cooperating to solve riddles, find clues, and figure out how to maneuver obstacles. They will build camaraderie while they try to escape.

Our private room rates and times are perfect for parties, but you may also book all 8 tickets for any time you would like. Both rooms comfortably host 8 people, but we will throw a 9th into Escape from the Psycho Killer. Our generous host will respect your wishes on whether you would like a live actor to provide scares. Each party will conclude with a photo in the lobby that will be shared on our Facebook page.

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