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Why choose Boulder Escape Room?

1. We're not techy.

We know what you're thinking, this world is full of technology so escape rooms should be as well. We disagree. Escape rooms are your chance to move out of the everyday hustle and bustle. We bring you back to the basics. You will use your brains and your muscles to figure out our rooms.

2. We're not flashy.

In a world where everything is begging for your attention, we're not. We want your brain to calm down and get a good workout. We've dimmed the lights and lowered the distractions for the benefit of your overactive brain.

3. Locally owned and operated.

This is perhaps the most important reason to choose us. When you buy your ticket you are supporting small, local business not some chain where someone up high is making the big bucks while the hosts are barely able to pay rent.

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