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Colorado Escape Rooms

Hello escape room enthusiasts. As the builder of several escape rooms including the huge hit “The Psycho Killer”, and our newest room “The Abduction," I have also assisted in building temporary rooms for festivals, fundraisers, private parties, and corporate team building exercises. The art of the game is very much the same no matter where you go. However, there are no two identical escape rooms. The plot, clues, environment, and even the objectives are usually always very different. The point of the games is simple, you have around 1 hour to find clues, solve riddles, and negotiate mental obstacles in order to escape the room. Some escape rooms such as the Boulder Escape Room by Mystery Box are actually implementing actors. Some escape rooms are actually interactive theatre. You are placed into a story line and have to solve a mystery in order to escape. The point of these games is to actually interact with the characters in the story. In our game ,“The Psycho Killer,” you are the main character in the escape scenario. In our newest game, “The Abduction," you are an auxiliary character trying to figure out what happened in order to escape. We offer both to allow for a wide variety of escape experiences.

I will be back to talk about our newest real life experience. It will involve solving conspiracy mysteries. You will need to navigate specific cities, local landmarks, and even some public parks in order to solve these mysteries so keep checking in!

-Mr. E

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