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Have you seen him as you are headed to the airport? His real name is "Blue Mustang" but many Coloradans affectionately call him "Blucifer." He was commissioned in 1993, two years prior to the opening of DIA, but he was not finished and installed until 2008. Part of the delay occurred in 2006 when a piece of the 9,000 pound statue fell on the sculptor

severing an artery in his leg which, of course, killed him. This is, however, not the only reason locals call him "Blucifer." The other reason are his red glowing eyes. The artist, Luis Jimenez, said they were to pay homage to the neon workshop he worked in as a youth, but you have to admit they look devilish! His sons finished his masterpiece for DIA and he stands watch over all who arrive and depart!

Do you have any stories about "Blucifer?"

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