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The Curse of Chief Niwot

First off, did you know Niwot means left hand? That explains a lot about the Boulder valley, doesn't it?

Chief Niwot welcomed all to this beautiful area, urged his tribe to peacefully coexist with the whites who came, and learned English so that he could properly communicate with them. His curse/prediction came when he told the first gold prospectors he saw, "People seeing the beauty of this valley will want to stay, and their staying will be the undoing of the beauty." The governor of Colorado rounded up all tribes and sent them to Sand Creek to be monitored after a white family was murdered southeast of Denver in 1864. Chief Niwot, despite living peacefully, was forced to relocate with his tribe. The governor then gave the green light to murder them all in the Sand Creek Massacre, which is how Chief Niwot met his end.

How many around the area are transplants? I think the statistics are staggering. If people do leave they inevitably come back if not to live, to play. It is debatable that the beauty is being preserved with the influx of people, but it is safe to say that there are people working hard to preserve the Boulder valley.

Is Chief Niwot's curse responsible for the influx of people to the Boulder valley and the inherent housing, employment, and food needs that come with it?

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