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Torn Between Two Rooms?

We have some people who just can't decide which room to try (just do both)! We love seeing your smiling face over and over and over, but if you've never been to an escape room before here is some insight into our games.

Escape from the Psycho Killer

- Our longest running game, over 8,000 happy clients

- 8 people maximum, unless you book the private room then you can have 10

- Success rate hovers around 20%

- Record escape time = 36 minutes

- Lots of scares (if you opt for the live actor)

- Brainy puzzles

The Abduction

- Our newest game, which opened August 19th

- 8 people maximum, you start in the back of a van (muahaha)

- Success rate hovers around 30%

- Record escape time = 42 minutes

- Not as many scares if you opt for the live actor

- Hands on puzzles

Escape games can be great team building activities for the work place, fun for a whole group of friends, or a chance to meet new people who love to be locked in a room for an hour! Buy one ticket or up to 8 to fill the room with your closest friends. You are in control of your destiny!

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